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We are a purely informational website and we do not provide sales or any such related services. We are in no way affliated or related to Banner Office Supplies.


As an independent office supply company, Banner Office Supplies aim to be different from their competitors by providing a even wider range of office products.

Based in El Segundo, California, Banner Office Supplies actually started from a small company that serves the local community. Today, Banner has expanded their business beyond the south bay and has become one of the most popular choices among the people of America.

Banner Office Supplies differs from other on-line office suppliers in that they actually offer more choices and options. They don’t just sell everyday office products that can be easily found in big chain supply stores. They also sell those items that you couldn’t really find in the stores. Examples of these hard-to-find items would include specialty items like designer letter openers or higher-end office supplies such as branded pens for managers and executives. Unless you decide to visit stores owned by the individual brands, it is quite impossible to find these items in normal stores.

Banner Office Supplies, however, provides a one-stop shopping destination for you to get these items. What they do is that they will direct the customers to the Manufacturer’s websites where they can find the item that they are looking for. After that, the customers can buy the items by calling Banner Office Supplies with the part number & quantity, or email it to them. The various brands offered at Banner then send the items you have ordered for consolidation, before they are being sent to you in a single package. The process is easier, secure and hassle free. You don't have to browse individual brands; Banner acts just like a supermarket retailer, but online.

Banner has always been well known for offering high quality office products. Their product range is very wide, from calendars, toner & ink cartridges, and office stationery. Banner Office Supplies is the key distributors for many well-known stationery brands such as 3M, Post-it, Panasonic, Pilot, Duracell, Avery, Bostitch, National, Bic and Oxford. For Toner & Ink Cartridges, Banner Office Supplies has business cooperation with big names like Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon and Lexmark.

Through Banner Office Supplies, you can get these high quality products with reasonable or even discounted prices that are not available outside. Customers of Banner always have satisfying shopping experience with their office supplies because they find that Banner Office Supplies offer a reasonable and fair deal. If you read the reviews at Banners Office Supplies, they are mostly positive. Hundreds of satisfied customers, bothered enough to write a review is proof of it.

Banner Office Supplies believes that a good relationship with customers is important in sustaining the business. The customer service officers at Banner have been given intensive training and know their products well. Banner Office Supplies also provides excellent shipping and delivery. For Customers within 8 miles of they El Segundo store, customers are guaranteed to receive their orders within 24 hours.




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